Après moi, le déluge...
    After me, the storm, said Louis XV

What shall remain of me when I am no longer here... we have all asked ourselves this very question, sooner or later. Well, I like to imagine two great-grandnephews that find a dusty photobook while rummaging in an old loft. They open it and... they relive the magic and the enchantment of their great grandparents' wedding day.
When I look at a picture, the first thing that I consider are the emotions that it can inspire. The cropping, the colors and the technique come later. My focus is always on the subject, with its feelings, its joy and its fears. I feel honored to share such sheer emotions during your wedding day.
PhotoAnges was born from the passion for art and photography. In the gorgeous scenery of the French Riviera we decided to combine the two and make them available to young couples. Max Sirio is the main photographer, supported by his team: Donatella, who's also driving the commercial business, Hélène and Estelle photographers within the French Atelier in Nice, Chiara and Enrico within the Italian Studio. Carefully choose your photographer: after only a few weeks the scent of the flowers will be gone, the food and the music will be long forgotten. Not your photobook: as a time capsule, it will stay in your bookshelf, always ready to take you back to live again and again the sheer emotions that you have shared with your parents, family and friends on the day of your wedding.

A bientôt!
[Max Sirio -- PhotoAnges]