Choosing Your Photograph

... Book the best photographer you can afford as soon as you set the date. The wedding music will fade, the flowers will die, and you won’t ever remember if, let alone what, you ate, at the reception. But the wedding pictures last forever...
[It's Her Wedding, but I'll Cry If I want To - Leslie Milk - Lifestyle Editor of The Washingtonian and Washington Post].

The importance of wedding photography is emphasized by the fact that most weddings seem to pass by very quickly for brides and grooms. If you ask to most married couples to describe their special day, they will tell you it went by in a blink of an eye. This is the main reason why wedding photography is so immensely important: it captures in sharp focus the moments of a day that requires months of planning and then so often passes by as a blur for the bride and groom. Beware of those photographers that note down the date of your wedding and you’ll see them just a few minutes before the ceremony getting started. Your photographer will be sharing with you one of the most intimate days in your life. He will be there as you are getting ready, when you see each other for the first time that day, when you walk down the aisle towards your future husband and when, as a couple, you walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. He will be there also when you are introduced as a married couple the first time, when you have your first dance, and all other noteworthy moments during the wedding day. The most important part of wedding photography is the relationship that the photographer builds with his clients. Make sure he is able and willing to sincerely be friends with you and fully gain your trust. We, at PhotoAnges, spend a lot of time before the wedding day becoming acquainted with you. We strongly believe in what we do, giving great emphasis to building a trustful relationship from the very beginning. We ask to meet the bride and the groom before the wedding. We chat with them to ease their natural suspicion towards the camera, we also do a preliminary photographic session, where we can take advantage of the more relaxed ambiance to give suggestions and directions on what to do on the the wedding day. Those are the same suggestions and directions we learned the hard way during years of experience, and can range from the best way to pose in front of the camera to how to put the rings, thus including useful tips on where to buy the dress, get the best flowers or find the most exclusive and secluded places to arrange the reception and the romantic photos (see the section “Useful Links” in this website). This is the best and only way to make you feel at ease and natural in front of the camera during your most important day: the day of your wedding.We live in an era of fierce battles to lower the prices. Beware of the lowest prices though, of the huge discounts. The real professionals respect the importance of their work. Look for a fair price, not for the lowest. Remember that photographic gear and materials are quite expensive. Those that give their services for low prices, will also use poor quality gear and materials. And this is NOT what you want for your wedding, right?It is also possible that the paramount importance of the photography is not initially perceived by the couple. But we know how important it is that our work should preserve these precious memories. We, at PhotoAnges, truly love our work and are passionate for art and photography, doing and attending courses and stages to keep ourselves updated about the edge of technology and of the trends of the fashion.We have a profound respect for the trust of our clients and strive to give them always the best, in terms of materials, craftsmanship and, ultimately, of ourselves.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your special day!

[Max Sirio -- PhotoAnges]