The Rings

The Bride and Groom spend weeks or months choosing the rings. The shape, the make and workmanship, the metal, what to engrave, are all details that take hours of wearing debates that require proper decisions. Such exhausting efforts deserve to be set off at their best, also in photographic terms. Unfortunately, our experience teaches us that the exchanging of the rings is the most underestimated part of the ceremony. We see everything: ranging from the wrong ring, to the right ring on the wrong finger or even the wrong hand. Sounds funny when you tell them days after, but when it happens to you, there, in front of an entire audience of friends, relatives and parents, believe us: it's really embarrassing and you would like the floor to open up! We therefore thought you would like to have a few simple and useful hints to prevent panic in front of the altar.

How to place and tie the rings:

The rings do not necessarily differ from each other. At first sight, many times they may look identical in form, make and dimensions. We therefore recommend that you have a place for each one on the pillow properly marked. It may be an initial, a logo or whatever needed to identify uniquely at first sight which is each ones' ring. Usually the bride sits on the left of the groom. The rings should then be placed on the pillow accordingly.

The correct hand:

LEFT is the correct hand to use toslipon the ring, and the proper finger is the annular. To make sure you avoid any possible mistake, take the ring from the pillow with your LEFT hand. So, just remember to hold the ring with your LEFT hand and slip it onto your spouse's LEFT annular.


How to slip on the ring:

Untie the ring from the pillow and hold it with your left hand, with your thumb above and the index below. Do not hold your spouse's hand with your right one. If you need a support, hold the forearm placing your right hand below it. The picture shows the recommended procedure.

Thanks for reading and wishing you a joyful day!

[Max Sirio -- PhotoAnges]